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Cloud mask tile API

Generate a slippy map XYZ cloudmask raster tile a for a given Sentinel-2 scene. Mask is either extracted from SCL band or rasterized GML file, depending on availability of SCL band.

Tiles are 256x256 pixels. Cloud pixels are white, cloudless are transparent. Tile pixels outside of scene’s extent are the same as cloudless in scene tile.

Get raster image with cloudmask​

HTTP Request​

GET<view_id>/<index_general _formula>/<zoom>/<bbox>?<TILE_SIZE>&cropper_ref=<cropper_ref>CALIBRATE=1&COLORMAP=<colormap>&MIN_MAX=0,1&MASKING=CLOUD&MASK_COLOR=fefefe&api_key=<api_key>
ParameterDescriptionis required
view_idView id of a scene retrieved from the Search APIyes
index_general _formulaRead more about formulas in reference informationyes
TILE_SIZESet the tile size in px, for example: 250,250no
zoomzoom level for image, integeryes
bboxboundries box - parameter to set boundries of image, based on 4 points, for example: 15.711997265982006;15.729935879872954;4326/0.7782723144964336;0.7923472252037556;4326yes
MASKINGShoud contain value CLOUDno
cropper_refYour geometry's cropper_ref, for example: c6af0ad18db8d56a0ff4934f6dedd2e1yes
MASK_COLORAny HEX-code color to paint a mask, for example: FFFFFFno
CalibrateToA Reflectance, boolean, 1 or 0no
MIN_MAXSet min or max accepted values for indicies , from -1 to 1no
colormapyour's colormap ID, read more about it at Colorization API sectionno
api_keyyour personal api key retrieved from developer portalyes
HTTP Request to get raster image with cloudmask with filled parameters​



Render Sentinel-2 Cloud mask tile